Consociazione Nazionale Associazioni Infermieri

32° Annual AAHN Nursing & Health Care History Conference September 17-20, 2015 Dublino

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Welcome to the 32nd Annual AAHN Nursing & Health Care History Conference, co-sponsored by the University College Dublin. This year we are working on an exciting program, offering you a wealth of opportunities for professional development and personal enjoyment. Join us in Dublin, Ireland for inspiring speakers, informative workshops and opportunities for networking and dialogue.  Take time to connect with old friends and make new ones during the social activities. And finally, enjoy the sights and sounds of Ireland in September!




XXI Congresso CNAI 2018

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10-12 dicembre 2018


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IND 2018: infermieri una voce che guida, la salute è un diritto umano

L'International Council of Nurses ha già annunciato il tema per la giornata internazionale dell'infermiere 2018
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